Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Grain Mill

I read about grain mills in one of my country living magazines.  I did a bit more research on the internet and decided to start saving for one.  Last week I finally decided which one to purchase and ordered it from Amazon.  I chose the Nutrimill.  Due to some negative comments I had a few reservations about how it would work.  Those were quickly put to rest once I tried the mill myself.

First of all, it does not spray flour all over the kitchen.  In fact it has not sprayed flour at all.  The flour bowl locks firmly in place keeping the flour contained.  Second it was supposed to be horribly loud.  Is it loud?  Well, a bit, it is grinding grains so it is not exactly a silent process.  It is no louder than my vacuum cleaner, and the mill only runs for a short time. 

I used hard white wheat berries and was pleased with how the flour turned out.  The resulting flour is so light. I have to add a bit more to the recipe than usual, but it is not packed like purchased flour would be.  I baked a batch of hamburger buns.  W is not completely fond of whole wheat bread, and it does not get more whole wheat than this.  I used vital wheat gluten, and the bread turned out soft and light.  The flavor was very good and nothing like typical whole wheat bread.  He gave his approval to the hamburger buns.  I also ground some flour to make pizza dough last night.  He made a comment of how good the rising dough smelled.  The real test however will be sandwich bread which I will make later in the week. I can also use popcorn to grind corn meal.

I will have to see how much I use it in the long run, but initially I am thrilled with the purchase.  It is easy to use, and I can see no cons yet. 

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Vicki in UT said...

Congrats! I think you will love it. You should try the popcorn in it soon, and make some cornbread. It is soo yummy! I predict you will use it often for many years. Once you are used to using whole grains, plain white flour tastes very blah. Enjoy!