Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Snake Wreath - Finally

I know I am late sharing this, but I only recently finished adding in all of the snakes.  I kept finding them as I cleaned the craft room.  Last week I finally took it outside and added the last layer of paint.  I used a regular grapevine wreath.  The snakes came from Oriental Trading.  I have tried gluing them on twice, but they never stayed very long.  This time I wired each snake onto the wreath.  It was a bit time consuming.  However, I know they will stay on.  The first time I painted the wreath I used a glossy paint.  This time I had flat paint on hand so that is what I used.  I actually like it much better.  It seems a bit more creepy to me.

Here is a close up.  The wreath hangs right over the doorbell on our front porch so visitors will get a close look at it this Halloween.

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Helena said...

Scary thing!! I love that you are already planning for Halloween!