Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Bit from the Garden

This time of year these is very little left in my garden.  The tomato plants look a bit sad but are blooming again.  The jalapeno pepper plants are still going strong.  My thoughts turn to the fall garden.  Of course it is still quite hot here in the south.  A little over a week ago I planted carrot and radish seeds to have some free food for the rabbits. 

The top picture is the carrots and the bottom the radishes.  I opted to grow them in containers.  The rabbits prefer to eat the tops of these vegetables so I am not concerned about having roots. 

The pineapple is growing well.  In this picture you can see the pineapple.  This is the original top which is now leaning over to the side.  We still have a few months to wait before it is ready to eat. 

The large piece that looks like the main part of the plant is actually one of the suckers.  It has grown so fast.  The plant looks almost the same as before the pineapple started to grow.

Just a random picture to end.  I saw this moth on the oregano yesterday.  I could not resist running in and grabbing the camera for a close up.

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Helena said...

what a beautiful moth, and the pineapple looks amazing. No wonder they are expensive to buy when you just get one fruit and have to wait for it to mature. Makes you appreciate fruit and veg even more.