Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Partidge Cochin that Wasn't

I know I have mentioned my pet chicken who loves to be petted.  She runs to the door when I feed the chickens and prefers to be petted on her comb or her chin.  She lets me know if I am not doing it just right when a light peck.  She is pictured on the left in the photo below.

You may notice that she does not look exactly similar to the one on the right.  (Their sizes are the same.  They just look different due to the angle.)  After a bit of research, W found out that she is actually a Golden Lace Cochin rather than a Partridge Cochin.  We are guessing that she was the free chicken in our last order of chicks.

I decided to name her Goldie.  She will stay with the Partridges, because she is used to them and they to her.  Of course I cannot get rid of her.  She is too spoiled to live anywhere else!

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