Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday's Meals and Grocery Shopping

First up what we ate on Thursday....
Lunch was frozen pizza, which we picked up while shopping.  I was very hungry and wanted something quick.

Supper was steak fajitas with Spanish rice.  I dug out some less than great cuts of meat and put them in the crockpot this morning.  It also helped me use up some yellow and red peppers.  The Spanish rice was a last minute addition.  I had salsa and chicken broth in the pantry.  I also found a bit of white rice hiding in the freezer. 

Shopping...I ended up spending $26.  Not terrible, but I am glad that there were no great sales or I would have been in major trouble.  Here is what I bought

Deli meat
Sweet onions
Frozen pizza
Sour cream
Whipping cream
Half & Half - 2 (on clearance and what put me over the top)

The oranges will be for my husband's lunches for a couple of weeks.  The half and half will be for ice cream and coffee.  The containers were half gallon for $2.50 each so a decent deal.  I will have a strict $24 budget for next week. 

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