Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Recent Meals and Bulk Shopping

Weekend meals here were the usual.  Yesterday we took a trip out of town.  I intended to do some clothes shopping but came home empty handed.  We did find a few things at a couple of craft stores.  Our main reason for going was a visit to Sam's Club.  I am afraid to say that we went over our budget a bit.  We stocked up on quite a few items, and the grocery budget will continue to be lower most likely through August. 

We stocked up on basic items - bulk spices, bread flour, yeast, etc.  I had also planned on some snack purchases.  W chose almonds and pistachios.  I suggested granola bars since I have yet to find a good homemade version.  When buying in bulk it does not take long to add up. 

Yesterdays meals were eaten out since we were away from home.  Today's lunch will be pizza  and salads.  Supper will be pork tenderloin, macaroni and cheese, peas, and crescent rolls. 

I had good intentions of posting a picture of the snake wreath over the weekend.  I keep finding plastic snakes in the craft room.  I am going to continue cleaning in there this week and will hopefully have it finished by this weekend.


Susan in SC said...

It hard to say that you went over your budget since these items will carry over for months. I think buying in bulk is great as long as you use it and I know you do!

Dawn said...

We pretty well stuck to the list I had made out this past week. I took stock of items that I commonly use and would not be wasted by buying in bulk. Some of the items will last us close to a year. You are right that it will even out over time.