Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weekly Grocery Spending

Just so this will not be a picture free post, I am adding in a couple of photos of sunflowers from my garden.

Even after a big shopping trip at Sam's Club, I needed to pick up a few items at the grocery store.  The items purchased at Sam's came out of my saved bulk shopping money.  I had my usual $25 to spend this week.  Here is what I purchased:

7 boxes of cereal - $9.65
coconut - $4.38
buttermilk (clearance) - $1.49
2 half-gallons of milk (clearance ) - $3.58
3 pints light cream (clearance) - $2.22
6 packages of cheese - $10

Total with tax - $32.26

The cereal will last for several weeks.  The coconut will be for use in muffins and macaroons for W's lunch.  The dairy will be for future use also.  Buttermilk goes into English muffins and part of the cream will become ice cream.  The cheese is for use in jalapeno poppers and burritos. I am left with about $18 for next week. 
Supper tonight will be steak fajitas with Spanish rice.  Tomorrow I will serve chicken salad. 


Helena said...

What a good shop! My bargains of the week was kitchen towel (paper) x 2 for £1 and 2 x 500ml of washing up liquid (Fairy) for £1.50
Oh yes, and cheddar cheese at half price £2.50

Rhonda said...

those are good prices Dawn
and your sunflower is so pretty, I plan to plant some next summer.