Friday, July 13, 2012

Grocery Spending, Meals, and Crafts

I have been busy here and realized I had forgotten to post the meals for Wednesday.  Then I almost completely forgot what we had eaten.  Finally it came to me - turkey cheddar ranch burgers with chips.  When I returned from church, W (the husband) had eaten a bowl of cereal.  I heated up a homemade frozen dinner for myself.  Yesterday we had to go out of town for an appointment which took longer than planned.  We had fast food and then just snacked late last night.  That meal came out of money separate from my grocery budget.

That brings me to my grocery spending for this week - a big fat nothing, $0, zip!  I saw no good sales and really needed nothing.  The unspent $24 can go into the bulk purchase money.

I am still working on my craft room.  It is never going to be clean.  I simply have too much stuff!  I did use some of it to make note cards earlier this week.

I have two more days left to clean in there before it is time to move onto another room.  I think I have collected all of the plastic snakes.  I plan to give the wreath one more spritz of paint tonight and will share a photo of it tomorrow.

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Susan in SC said...

Love your note cards!