Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 10 Meals and Some New Arrivals

Yesterday we had a late breakfast of ham and biscuits.  That meant we had a late lunch/early supper.  I made a pizza using dough from the freezer.  The pizza ended up being veggies only.  I had some pepperoni in the fridge, but it had gone bad.  That led my husband to admit he only ate the pepperoni pizza because I liked the pepperoni.  Hmmm...I was only eating because he wanted it on there.  This makes our homemade pizzas much cheaper from here on out.  I will gladly eat a veggie pizza.  I now have another meatless meal.

I know I am supposed to be sharing completed craft projects. I got side tracked yesterday by some new arrivals to our little "farm". Our girl duck is mama to nine babies.  Yesterday she got them out of the enclosed pen into the yard.

The little ones quickly learned how to go in and out of their small pond.  They paddled and floated and climbed in and out (repeatedly). 

I admit to spending way too much time watching them and no time crafting.  Fortunately I had cleaned part of the craft room that morning.  They are just too cute.  I could not resist.


Susan in SC said...

Babies always trump crafting! Sweet pictures!!

Helena said...

I agree - how cute are they?! You could spend hours watching them and no need to feel guilty about that! They are adorable.