Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2014 Garden

I have already gotten a start on my 2014 garden.  I am going to try to keep up with the amount I harvest this year.  *Try is the main word.*  First some pictures of what I have growing right now.


Tiny Garden Pea Sprouts

Pepper, Tomatoes, and Herbs



Here is what I have planted this year:
Garden peas*
Bell Pepper*
Banana Pepper*
Cowhorn Pepper*
Judge Hodges Pepper*
Lunchbox Bell Pepper*
Ancho Pepper*
Chinese Five Color Pepper*
El Jefe Jalapeno Pepper
Celebrity Tomato*
Valley Girl Tomato*
Cherokee Tomato*
Red Cherry Tomato*
Plum Tomato*
Inchelium Red Garlic
Chets Italian Garlic
Asian Tempest Garlic
*Seeds saved from last year
What have I harvested so far?  I did not count anything that I harvested from the over wintered plants.  I am starting fresh with my totals.
This year I have harvested about 8 ounces of sprouts.  I am estimating a bit on my totals.  I love sprouts on a sandwich, and the chickens think they are a good snack.  That amount of sprouts was grown from just 2 tablespoons of seeds.  I will keep a steady supply of these growing until it warms up outside.


lifeisgood7696 said...

Could you do a post about the sprouts you grow and the container you grow them in?

Dawn said...

Absolutely! I will get that posted next week.

Rhonda said...

Your sprouts look delicious, I've never seen a grower like that.
I tried your Adsense ad again this morning and still get an error message