Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Savings - Weekly Frugal Recap

Another cold week here but the upcoming week promises some warmer temperatures.  I stayed home except for running errands on Monday.  I needed to go to town for the birthday party at the nursing home.  I combined that with a trip to the grocery store and CVS. 

At CVS I picked up two packages of toothpaste for my Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  I only paid tax for both. 

I pulled clover from one of the raised beds to feed to the rabbits. 

I covered the garlic bed with pine straw from the yard to protect the shoots from the cold.

We watched Netflix and DVDs purchased used.  We never go to the movie theater so DVDs are our choice of extra entertainment.  I only purchase used.

I crocheted wash cloths for the shoeboxes using donated yarn. 

My mother let slip that her laptop was broken.  She has called around to some repair places and the possible repair was going to be expensive.  I talked her into letting me look at it since she thought the computer was worthless.  After some searching online and trying a few things, I decided the power jack was not working.  A replacement part cost $7 from Amazon.  I ordered the part and will let you know how the repair turns out next week. 

I made the Swagbucks goal each day this month.  It was easier as the cold weather kept me inside more.  I turn my Swagbucks into Amazon gift cards.  These are saved for Christmas and gifts.  I use them to purchase treats for W and myself also.

W requested Better Than Mounds Bars for his lunch.  I had everything on hand except the sweetened condensed milk.  A quick search led me to this recipe as a substitute.  I did have all of these ingredients on hand, and it allowed me to use up some eggs.


Rhonda said...

Hi Dawn, I hope to keep up the savings in February.
I went to CVS today and got a cart full for $6ish and got a $10 ECB. My receipt said I saved 91%.

Your mounds bars sound delicious.
Hope the computer fix works.m

Susan in SC said...

You have done great! February is not starting off thrifty for me. I hope it ends up thrifty!

Terri Cheney said...

Dawn, Check out the dvds at Dollar General. I am sure they are previously owned from a warehouse but I found some great titles at mine. I said I spent under $10 for three but that was a typo. I spent under $20 for three. $10 for a first season of set, $5 for one and $2 for another.