Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Goals

I did well on my January Goals.  I was especially happy that I was able to stick to my grocery budget and even put away a sizable amount of money for future stock up purchases.  We still have a full pantry/freezer so I will be continuing my $40 budget through the month of February.  I may lighten up a bit on the frivolous purchase goal within reason.  I do plan to continue to save in our Life Happens accounts.

For February I want to more this focus a bit.  With my money goals as a base I have three more areas to work on.  First I want to begin improving my diet.  I want to add more fruit to my diet.  According to the USDA the daily target for fruit is 2 cups.  I am going to focus on getting that into my diet daily. 

I also want to work on cleaning by clearing out excess stuff.  This month's area is my bookshelves.  I have many book that I am not going to read again.  It is time to let them go. 

Finally is the garden area as I am inching closer to spring gardening.  I need to plant the herb seeds in the greenhouse and plant the potatoes in one of the raised beds.  As time allows I hope to work on the additional raised beds.

Are you making any goals for February?  Remember to keep them doable.  Small goals that can be accomplished are better than large goals which will only leave you discouraged!


Helena said...

The recommended fruit and veg intake over here is five a day, e.g. five different types fruit or veg. Surprisingly hard for many people.

My Feb goals are:
- continue work on my new quilt
- study more horticulture, I've been lazy
- save money (every month) or not spend much!

Susan in SC said...
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Susan in SC said...

My life happens account is quickly going down because life happened! Hard to believe it is already February!!