Saturday, July 26, 2014

Testing, Testing - Cheese Crackers and Cookie Dough

I tried out two more recipes this past week.  I do not know if any of y’all are enjoying this series, but it is certainly helping me out.  I am making good progress with the online recipes that I have saved.  It has also helped me to decide if I am serious about ever trying a recipe.  I keep some recipes for ages.  I am either making them or tossing them. 


First up is a recipe for homemade cheese crackers. I love cheese crackers.  I can mindlessly snack on the store bought version.  I did decide to take a serious look at the ingredients on the side of the box.  It is a long list so I set out looking for a homemade version.  There are piles of recipes out there and most are basically the same.  I opted to try this one.  It uses 5 easily pronounceable ingredients:  cheese, butter, flour, salt, and water.



The recipe is a bit like making pie crust dough.  I used my Kitchen Aid, but it should work just fine in a food processor.  I did not roll my dough quite thin enough so I needed to bake them a bit longer.  They were still delicious.  I stored half of them in an airtight container, and they were still crisp for 3 days.  They might have been crisp longer, but I ate them all.  I put the other half in the freezer.  They would get soggy if frozen and taken out.  I have been eating them straight from the freezer. 


The second recipe is egg-less chocolate chip cookiedough.  I wanted to try cookie dough ice cream and remembered saving this recipe.  I did only make half of the recipe.  I used regular chocolate chips as I had no mini ones.  The minis would have been better though.  I used a mini cookie scoop to make small balls of cookie dough to mix in the ice cream.  



I thought on its own the dough was a bit too salty.  We do not eat piles of salt so it could very well be my adjusted taste buds.  Apparently there is a small risk of getting sick from eating raw flour.  I decided to risk it, but the choice is yours.


Both of this week’s recipes are keepers.  The cookie dough will be a more occasional treat, but I can see myself making the cheese crackers on a regular basis.

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