Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekly Savings

I decided to start keeping a daily log so I am less likely to forget stuff.  Here goes!

Monday - I spent the day at home.  When W came in from work, he fixed an outside water spigot at my parents' house and also did one at our house.  The one at our house allows me to reach the bird baths with a hose.  I am not sure what it would have cost to have someone come in and do the work.  W has always done all of our plumbing work.  It has been hot and dry here so I know the birds appreciate the water.  I am happy not to have to haul buckets of water across the yard to fill the bird baths.  He opted to go ahead and insulate the pipe.  Rather than purchasing pipe insulation, he used a piece of pool noodle that was rescued from the trash at church after Vacation Bible School.

I gave Leo a bath at home.  We have never taken him to be groomed.  He actually does well with a bath in the bathtub.  Secretly I think he loves being clean although he would never admit that to his outside dog friend. 

Tuesday - Another day at home.  We ate meals from items on hand.  I drained some homemade yogurt to use for ranch dressing.  W has still not noticed a change, and I am not going to point it out to him.  The drained yogurt tastes so much like sour cream that I think I will use it rather than buying sour cream.

We picked another quart of cherry/yellow pear tomatoes.  The rabbits ate Swiss chard and kale from the garden.  Supper was a tomato tart - pie shell with roasted garlic in the bottom and filled with halved cherry and yellow pear tomatoes.  Once the tomatoes are roasted well and the crust begins browning, I top it with a bit of cheese.  Best of all it can be baked in the toaster oven so the house does not get overheated.

Wednesday - This is my usual grocery day.  I opted to stay home.  I only needed lettuce (too hot to grow it here now), and my mom offered to pick it up for me.  This kept me from spending on any impulse purchases. 

I used vegetables from the garden, homemade gnocchi, and a homemade Alfredo sauce for lunch.  Coated in the sauce W ate eggplant without a fuss. 

Thursday - A good shower of rain meant that the garden did not have to be watered.  It also cooled down the temperature enough that we could turn off the air conditioner. 

I worked on my Christmas gift lists and card list.  I prefer to make some gifts and do not like to wait until the last minute.  I have some good ideas but will keep them to myself for now since some friends read my blog. 

W found several debit cards that we had received for rebates and forgotten that we had.  I used the debit cards to order Amazon gift cards. 

Friday - I ordered two magazines for free using gift cards that were emailed to me.  I chose subscription lengths that were within the amount of money on the cards so I owed nothing out of pocket. 

Saturday - I went to a fish fry at church and needed to take along some side dishes and a dessert.  I made pumpkin cinnamon rolls using pumpkin (from the garden) I froze last year.  I made a corn salad using some vegetables from the garden and items on hand. 

This Week - I discovered that Amazon Prime Instant Video includes exercise videos.  This was the extra push I needed to start exercising again.  There are enough videos available to keep me interested.  The fact that it is free is even better.

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