Thursday, July 3, 2014

Canning - Tomatoes & Peach Pie Fillings

I have been doing some canning recently.



 Canning tomatoes is something I have done for years.  I find it easy if a bit time consuming.  I do buy tomatoes from a local farm so am not really saving a pile of money.  I am supporting a local farmer rather than buying canned tomatoes from who knows where and that are shipped a long way. 



This year I decided to branch out a bit and try canning pie filling.  I opted to try peach pie filling since those are in season here now.  I almost did not do it after reading a blog that mentioned how extremely hard it was to get the pie filling to turn out properly. To be honest I was a bit nervous after I was not having any problems.  I fully expected it not to work.

 In the end I followed the directions and recipe here and was very pleased with the outcome.  I am planning to try apple or pear pie filling in the fall.  It was the usual time consuming process of preparing the fruit, but I was thrilled with the end result.  One tip make sure you use regular Clear Jel and not instant Clear Jel.  Happy Canning!!

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