Monday, July 11, 2016

Weekly Savings

Life is especially hectic right now so this is a quick post covering the past two weeks.  We are working really hard on the new house in a push to get it done by the end of September.

I like to keep a snack basket on hand for those who are helping us work.  This past week I was able to fill it from items on hand in the pantry.  I should still have enough on hand to keep it stocked for several weeks.

We purchased LED light bulbs for the new house through Amazon.  We saved nearly 75% off the prices at local stores.

It was time to purchase some new appliances for the new house.  We are moving some items but needed wall ovens, a cooktop, and a refrigerator.  I went to a local store that was having a sale and asked if they could also check the prices for the next upcoming sale.  It turned out that the current sale was better which meant we saved almost $1000.  This is a store we always shop with because they are helpful like that.

Meals were all eaten at home although they were very simple.  I did take time to bake bread.

I fed the rabbits using excess produce from the garden - mainly cucumbers that had gotten too big.  My mom also gave me a bag of lettuce for them.

I used the toaster oven as much as possible to keep from heating up the house with the big oven.

I received 10 free stamps from participating in Quad Readers.

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