Friday, July 1, 2016

Feathered Friday: More Baby Chicks and a Diva

We continued to have more hens hatch out eggs over the past few weeks.  I knew most were setting, but we did have one surprise mama hen.

These two hens both sat on the nest of eggs and hatched out three baby chicks.  The chicks think it is normal to have two mothers to keep then in line.  The black frizzle hen was adopted.  She is blind in one eye and was getting picked out at her previous home.

The next two hens were also sharing sitting duties.  They hatched out three eggs each at different time.  I ended up splitting the babies between the two of them.  Both are very protective (mean) so I was not able to get close to take photos.

Our surprise mother hen was sitting on eggs in a bucket under a storage building.  She has six babies and refuses to let me get near them.

Finally the diva - Francesca is quite tame and very spoiled.  When she saw the camera, she posed perfectly still so I could get her photo too.

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