Sunday, October 30, 2016

Weekend Book Review: Shaken

Shaken by Tim Tebow with A.J. Gregory is a book about faith not football.  This is an important distinction as many people may avoid reading it since it was written by Tim Tebow.  Everyone from the most average person to the biggest celebrity has had moments where they are shaken.  The book focuses on holding onto your faith in those moments.  It is also an book of encouragement.  I think one of my favorite parts is where readers are challenged to answer the question of "whose are you?".  This is more important than who we are.

I also was touched by the section about the visit to the prison.  I enjoyed the way readers are encouraged to do something now.  I was reminded how small things can have a big impact.  Shaken is a good book for Christians and non-Christians.  I was happy to see that Mr. Tebow included a section on how readers can accept Jesus.

Are you wondering if this might be a book you would enjoy?  Click here to download the first chapter for free.  Shaken is a book that I will be sharing with others.  I am happy to be able to share a bit of it with each of you.

disclosure:  I received an advanced reader copy of this book but was not otherwise compensated for this review.  All opinions are my own!

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