Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekly Savings

We have been preparing for our moving sale.  My mom brought some things she wanted to sale.  We ended up swapping a few items with each other.  She had a blanket and pizza pans that I could use, and I had some rugs and towels she could use.

I made a wreath for the front door using a grapevine wreath I had and some cotton stalks my uncle gave me.  It is a nice free fall decoration.  I will share it in a later post.

While grocery shopping, W discovered gallons of milk on markdown.  We bought enough to last us a month.  I used a $5 off coupon that I received for completing a survey.

On the subject of groceries, I made out and stuck to a weekly menu.  Life is not quite settled, but it was good to get back to cooking.

The remote control for our television went out.  It was still somewhat usable, but we were not able to access Netflix.  I found a replacement remote through Amazon for just $11.  That is definitely less than the cost of a new TV.  The motherboard went out several months ago so we are not able to use our Roku.  Eventually this television will go into our bedroom when we have saved to purchase a new one for the living room.

I needed pretzels for my Bible lesson.  A large bag was on sale. It was more than I needed for my class so W took the remainder as a snack in his lunch.

I harvested an eggplant from my garden and jalapeno peppers from my parents' garden.

I found three more gift cards while I was moving things from the old house.  These went into my wallet to be used and not forgotten again.

I made a sympathy card using materials on hand rather than purchase one.

My hair had not grown out to the point that it was hard to style so I cancelled my hair appointment.  I will wait a few weeks before rescheduling.


Anonymous said...

I love it that you found gift cards while moving! What a fun, unexpected surprise. I'm glad you are getting settled in.

Shara said...

I can't wait to see your decoration. I love using natural materials.