Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekly Savings

We have moved into the new house.  While it is not 100% done, I am thrilled to have a functioning kitchen.  I  am happy to be able to cook again.  None of the meals have been fancy as I am focusing on using up what we have right now.  I did send a treat to work with W for him and his co-workers.

While moving I found a $20 gift card which we put toward some mirrors for the bathrooms.  I also found a spa gift card which is still good.  The moral of this is to use stuff when you get it rather than saving it and forgetting.

We have not had to use the heat or air in our new house.  Even though the lows have been in the 40s, our house has been a comfortable 71 degrees.

My aunt gave me towels she got free with a store coupon.  We have not bought everything new just because the house is new.  I do plan to update things as I find a deal.  Otherwise we are using what we have.

I needed more light bulbs.  The ones I had previously purchased at Amazon had gone up in price but were still cheaper than in stores where I live.  I waited before ordering since we could get by without them.  My patience paid off since the price dropped back down saving me $8.

I accepted two bags of bottle caps from a neighbor.  I will enter them in Coke's reward program to get some free magazine subscriptions.

It has been a quiet week since we are moving things still and trying to get settled.  I am hoping to get back to regular posting over the coming weeks!

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