Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fall Decorating - Cotton Bolls

I mentioned last week and in the weekly savings post that I decorated for fall using cotton bolls.  Just in case you are not sure what cotton plants look like, I took a picture of a field near my home.

Farmers now defoliate the cotton so it all opens at once making for more efficient harvesting.  I am fortunate that I have family that grows cotton so I was able to get a few stalks for free.

My original intention was to make a wreath for the front door.  I used a grape vine wreath as a base and just added pieces of cotton until it was as full as I liked.  I have not actually hung it on the door since I am not certain where to hang it.

My uncle brought me more than the two stalks I asked for so I had plenty of leftover cotton.   I used it and some small artificial pumpkins that my mom gave me on my mantle.  I bought the scarecrow many years ago on clearance.  The pumpkin floral arrangement on the right was one I made many years ago.  The orchid in the center was a gift from W and while not exactly frugal it will last for some time.

Looking at the setup I realize that I need to rearrange things a bit before I am done, but this will work for now.

My only purchase this year was a real pumpkin that I got for $1.  I will use it as part of my Thanksgiving table decorations.  I wanted it primarily for the seeds which would have cost me more than $1.  I hope to be able to grow some of my own next year.

Remember the pumpkin flower containers I made last month.  The mums still looked good, and I hated to put the containers away just yet.  I simply turned them around so the jack-o-lantern face was not visible.  I will be able to get another month's use out of them.

Those are my thrifty decorations for the month of November.  Have you done any Thanksgiving decorating?


Bethany said...

I love your cotton wreath! When you said "cotton balls" I had images of kindergarten cotton ball snowmen pop into my head. LOL! Great job with the decorating.

I did some fall decorating in September, but some of my gourds and such have rotted. It's handy to have some non-perishable decorations to pull out every year.

Good call on buying the pumpkin. Now that I think about it, I could have saved a bunch of seeds from the gourds that I just threw to the chickens. Especially since I was planning on buying some next spring anyway! A $1.00 pumpkin is probably cheaper than any packet of seeds you could buy, especially if it is a certain variety.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Love the cotton boll wreath.. SO pretty. We lived in the delta of Mississippi, so I have
definitely seen cotton fields.ha
Happy Thanksgiving.