Monday, November 7, 2016

Weekly Savings

I stuck to my grocery budget this past week.  Yeah!  That felt really good.  With the upcoming holidays I know those on or under budget grocery trips will be fewer.

We had a moving sale over the weekend.  I advertised on Facebook and through a radio station's free call in program.  We sold quite a bit of stuff and had nothing out of pocket since the sale was held in our old home.

I decorated for Thanksgiving very inexpensively.  My mom offered me some small artificial pumpkins to put on the mantle.  I used more of the cotton bolls.  My only expense was a pumpkin purchased on clearance for $1.  I will use it for decorating through Thanksgiving.  After that I will save the seeds to plant next year and feed the pumpkin to the chickens.

I finally harvested  my roselle (Jamaican sorrel) and dried it in the dehydrator.  I use this in my herbal teas so it is nice to be closer to  knocking one more item off my purchase list.  I will be saving seeds to plant next year.

I baked four loaves of bread this week.

W and I had a movie night at home with a used DVD I had purchased and snacks.

I did the usual too - hung clothes to dry, packed W's lunch, cooked meals at home, and avoided any unnecessary shopping.

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