Monday, November 28, 2016

Weekly Savings

I am covering a couple of weeks in the post.  I managed to come in close to budget on groceries for the holidays.  I did a two week shop since I plan to stay far away from the grocery store this week.  W did make a quick stop to pick up three items for me.

W picked three big bags of lemons from a neighbor's tree.  The tree is in a pasture, and the neighbor never picks even one so is glad to share.  I  gave one bag away.  We juiced the rest.  Most went into the freezer for lemonade.  Some of the juice will become lemon curd.  I did forget to buy lemonade concentrate for Thanksgiving, but we will have free homemade lemonade which is better.

I used a gift card (one of the found ones) to purchase Christmas ornaments for the new house.  It was nice to get free decorations!

Thanksgiving was a potluck affair at my house.  One aunt provided the paper products.  My mom, another aunt, and mother-in-law contributed some food.  W's brother brought ice.  We had 23 people for dinner (lunch to the non-southern areas).  Eleven of us gathered for supper to eat leftovers.  It was a fun day, and the layout of our living room kitchen worked just as we had hoped for hosting a large crowd.

I spent some time working in the garden.  I topped off two raised beds with dirt from pots that were in the garden.  Since the dumped dirt was full of earthworms, I put the wire covers on top of the raised beds to keep the chickens out.

I started addressing Christmas cards.  I bought the cards on clearance last year since I knew I would not have time to make my own.  My $14 worth of cards cost me just $3.50.

I have been using homemade cleaners (vinegar/essential oils/water) and old washcloths for cleaning.  The washcloths get washed and reused.  It is cheap, effective, and no waste.

I stayed away from the stores this past weekend.  I did purchase some DVDs and two books from Amazon with gift cards.  My only real purchase (a small toaster oven) was planned in advance.  I found one at Lowe's with free shipping.

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