Thursday, February 28, 2019

February Goals: Final Update

February was such a crazy month.  I felt two steps behind the entire time.  Now here I am dragging up with my goals update on the last day of the month. Here is hoping that March will be calmer, and I can get back to a regular schedule.

1. Finish Five Styles of Easter Baskets
I only managed to finish two styles of Easter baskets.  I am planning to work hard on the other three over the next week as we are expecting rain and then cold temperatures.  I ended up staying busy with coin purses and the pet in a jar.

The chick and frog baskets both turned out well.  Thank goodness Easter is a bit later this year. 

2.  Organize My Makeup Drawer - Done
I have kept this area neat.  I still have some samples to use up. The ones that are left are corralled together rather than being scattered everywhere.

3.  Clean Out/Inventory Freezer and Make Some Freezer Meals - Done (Mostly)
I still need to take the squash to my mother-in-law.  I have been using the inventory sheet to keep up with what I use.  I did make a few freezer meals just not as many as I hoped.  I am going to call this one a success.  Having the freezer organized is very helpful.  Now if I can just keep it from getting into a mess again!

Please come back tomorrow for my March goals. 

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