Tuesday, February 19, 2019

February Goals Update: Week 3

W and I made two trips to Florida in less than a week and just felt terribly out of sorts all week.  This week started off less quiet than I had hoped.  After today things should get back to normal. 

1.  Finish Five Styles of Easter Baskets
I did nothing on this goal.  Instead I worked on some small items for an upcoming farmer's market sale.  I do need to get serious about this one.  The baskets are not terribly hard to do.  I just need several hours to focus on them.

2.  Organize My Makeup Drawer
I did not use too much out of there this week.  I am finding that I can wash my hair 3-4 times using one sample.  I did wear lipstick/lip glass more this past week since I could actually find them.

3.  Clean Out/Inventory Freezer and Make Some Freezer Meals
I added taco seasoned meat to the freezer this week.  I did cook more from the freezer.  Having an inventory and an organized freezer made it easier to find things.

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Out My window said...

Yes Easter will be upon un soon. I have projects like that and they just sit there.