Monday, February 11, 2019

February Goals Update: Week 2

1.  Finish Five Styles of Crochet Easter Baskets
I added the handle to the frog basket so he is done.  I have made no progress on the chick though  This ended up being a rough week with some family stuff so I was pretty much in survival mode most days.  My plans are to get back to it this week.

2. Organize My Makeup Drawer

I think this is a big improvement over the first photo.  I still have samples to use up.  The shampoo and conditioner ones are in the shower.  The black bag on the right side has nearly all of the smaller face cream samples.  I am putting myself on a no new lipstick restriction.  I have piles of lipsticks.  I think it is because that it something easy to change with the current trends.  It can be frugal if purchased on sale, but I do not need any more.  Progress feels good!

3.  Clean Out/Inventory Freezer and Make Some Freezer Meals
I will share a picture of this next week.  W has frozen squash to take to his mom this week.  We took time to do an inventory, and I made a spreadsheet of what we have on hand.  It helped when I was making out the February menu as I could make use of what we already had.

I did manage to add some meals to the freezer.  I made a big pot of Brunswick stew.  I also made pita bread which went into the freezer.  While grocery shopping I found ground turkey marked down.  I picked up two packs as well as a pack of bacon.  I chopped the bacon and added it along with seasonings to the turkey.  Then it was frozen in hamburger size patties.  These will make easy meals at a later date. 

I am not sure much will get added to the freezer this week.  I am just going day by day for the time being.  I am happy with what I have done so far.

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terricheney said...

Yes I can tell you've made inroads in that makeup/skin care drawer. Good for you!