Monday, February 4, 2019

February Goals Update: Week 1

1.  Finish Five Styles of Crochet Easter Baskets
I have the frog Easter basket almost done and a good start on the chick basket.  I am working on the handles. W came up with an idea that I plan to try this week.  I should be able to finish up both the frog and the chick this week.

On a side note wolfek mentioned a crochet fish in a jar project.  W showed me the same thing recently, but I had forgotten about it.  I looked up the pattern and bought the smaller size crochet hook I needed.  Keep an eye out for that in a few weeks.

2. Organize My Makeup Drawer
I am only four days in and have not made enough progress for an updated picture.  I have been using shampoo and conditioner samples rather than my regular products.  I have also been using face and eye cream samples. I find that I am getting into the habit of nightly moisturizing.  It could be my imagination, but I notice my eyes are no longer as puffy.  I might have to add an eye cream to my daily routine.  Hopefully by next week, I can show you a photo with some actual progress.

3. Clean Out/Inventory Freezer and Make Some Freezer Meals
Clean out and inventory the freezer is at the top of my to do list for today.  I expect I will find some things that will have to be tossed.  I hope to find a few surprises that I can work into our meal plan for this month.  I have three freezer meal ideas already. 

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Out My window said...

That frog basket is really cute.