Tuesday, February 5, 2019

In the Garden

We did not get hit by the polar vortex temperatures here, but it got cold enough to finish off the basil and pepper plants outside.  The other herbs held up well.  W covered the pineapple sage and parsley so they were fine as well.  The garden peas are growing slowly.  For the time being my gardening will be mainly indoors. 

The pepper and eggplant seedlings are growing well.  All were started with seeds that were either left from last year's purchases or saved from last year's garden.  Gardening does not have to be expensive.

I just got around to planting the jalapeno seeds.  I misplaced the seeds I saved to plant.  Rather than buying seeds, I waited until a couple of peppers go to the past ripe stage and harvested more seeds.  I will not plant outside until after the middle of April so I still have time.

I did extra of those since my dad loves to grow a bunch.  He tends to harvest buckets of jalapeno peppers at a time.  It is a good thing most of our neighbors love spicy peppers.

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