Friday, February 22, 2019

Pet in a Jar

Several weeks ago "wolfek" asked if I had seen the small fish suspended in a jar.  It reminded me that W had shown me the same thing.  I searched and found the pattern here by Eden Reborn.  The original design and most others I have seen use a glass jar.  These are nice for adults, but I see them as wonderful gifts for children.  Other children may be very careful, but the ones in my family can be a bit clumsy.  I pictured the jars dropping and shattering.  I opted to go with plastic jars.  The trade off is that they are not perfectly clear - even though they are close. 

They turned out so cute that I decided to see what else I could crochet to put in a jar.  I found a octopus pattern by Sarah Hearn.  I used a thinner yarn and smaller hook to make it fit into the jar.

W decided that the octopus was his favorite.  I currently have four colors of those. 

I hope to get them on Etsy soon.  For now I have the information about them on my Facebook page.  A big thank you to wolfek for reminding me about this project idea. 


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You are very welcome! Hope you get lots of orders.