Monday, September 9, 2013

Holiday Grand Plan - Week 1 Review

I love having a big yard, but it takes effort to maintain it.  Honestly when the southern summer hits, it is impossible to muster up much effort at all.  As a result our yard was a mess.  W pitched in this past week and helped me get the items on my list completed.  He cleaned around part of the greenhouse, and I cleaned the inside.  We picked up tree limbs, loaded up stuff that needed trashing or returning to its proper place, and mowed.  We repotted some pineapple plants (more on that later this week). He fixed up two additional birdbaths. 

I pulled up all the poison oak and poison ivy that was growing around the yard.  W is highly allergic to it.  I have no allergy to it at all.  I inherited that lovely trait from my dad.  I just pulled it all up with bare hands and disposed of it. 

W also did some work around the goldfish pond.  He removed the yucky fence and added in river rocks.  We do have an electric fence (not electrified - yet) around the pond to keep Jack the dog out.  He is my parents' big goofy hound dog, and he loved wading in water.  Nevermind that there are still ditches full of water all around the yard.  The pond was calling his name.  We are hoping that the fence alone will be enough to keep him out.  We still need more rocks and will be adding in some succulents in the spring.

We originally went to Lowe's in search of paint.  I really wanted to repaint the front door.  The front door is fine, but I had seen a design in a magazine and wanted a change.  After pricing paint I was forced to choose between paint and river rocks.  The paint was a definite want while we needed the river rocks to keep the grass from growing into the pond.  It was nice to dream but reality set it.  I do love the river rocks around the pond and in the long run will be much happier with them than a different colored door.

Week two has me headed into the living room.  I will also be doing some freezer cooking.  Check back next Monday to see how I did. 


Helena said...

So great that you have a pond. Does it freeze there (ever)?

Dawn said...

Occasionally we get down to around 17 degrees F (about -8 degrees C). Our normal coldest temps are around 25 degrees F (-4 degrees C). I do have a floating heater that I put in when the temperatures drop near or below freezing.