Monday, September 16, 2013

Holiday Grand Plan - Week 2 Review

Week two was spent working in the living room.  I dusted everything and organized some cabinets.  W helped reorganize our DVDs.  I had neglected that chore for the past few months so it was a mess.  The furniture was vacuumed and the floor scrubbed.  This is one area that I will need to stay on top of with weekly maintenance cleaning. 

Our aquarium had gotten into a mess after the algae eater died.  I purchased a new one and also bought some von rio tetras to add to the tank. 

I worked on the animal ABC albums and am done through the letter "J".  The crocheted wash cloths are coming along well.  My plan is to focus on those more over the next two weeks and hopefully finish them up.

Finally I did some freezer cooking.  I made 3 spaghetti pies which I consider a poor man's lasagna.  The recipe on that will be posted later this week.  I made some more chicken tenders.  I also used the same process to cover some small chicken breast halves.  I will use those to make chicken parmigiana.  I will bake the chicken breasts and then top with a homemade marinara and mozzarella cheese. 

Week two was a success.  I am changing things up a bit for week three.  I would normally be finishing up in the yard.  Instead I am going to work on the walk in closet.  The plan is not a set in stone list of rules.  It is easy to customize to fit each person's needs.  Check back next Monday to find out what I accomplished!

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