Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In the Garden

The spring garden is long gone, but I have a few things growing in my fall garden.  First I have some tomato plants.  These are the heirloom Cherokee Purple tomatoes which were by far the yummiest tomatoes I grew this past year.  In my area with normal-ish weather, I can harvest tomatoes through the end of December.  These will have time to grow and produce before the cold weather hits.

I also decided to try growing ginger after seeing it on several other blogs.  I just bought a piece of ginger at the grocery store.  I divided it into piece and planted them.  I have had good luck with them sprouting and have a couple of nice starter plants.

Working in the garden always means that I have helpers.  I discovered this permanent garden resident.

I have no fear of spiders and am quite happy that this one is guarding the few spring tomato plants that are working on a comeback.

JoJo the cow was hoping that I would toss some pears over the fence.  She is nothing but a big baby.

Lucy was inspecting the work I had done in one of the raised beds.  She was too busy to stop and pose for a photo.

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