Monday, September 23, 2013

Holiday Grand Plan Week 3 Update

The original plan was to work in the yard again, but I gave W the choice of yard or walk-in closet  He chose the closet which was in desperate need of attention.  We both decluttered piles of clothing.  Some of it was not worth donating, but most is headed to charity later this week.  I considered a yard sale, but in the end I wanted it all out of the house.

For the freezer I made breakfast burritos and chicken pot pie filling.  I do need to pick up four frozen pie crusts while I am out shopping this week.  I decided that would be easier than making pie crusts myself.  It is still very warm here. 

I continue to work on the animal ABC books and up to the letter "P".  I crocheted wash cloths for the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  I also scored some good deals from Oriental Trading and Party City for filler items. 

I feel like I did not get much accomplished, but the closet looks 100 times better.  It is nice to be able to walk in and find everything organized.  With less clothing it is easier to find something I love to wear.  One of my tricks is to turn my hangers around backwards.  When I wear an item I turn the hanger back to correct way.  This time next year any items on hangers that are still turned backwards go straight to donation.  If I have not worn it in a year, I know it is time to let the item go. 

This week I will be cleaning the master bedroom.  Check back next week to see how I did.

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Helena said...

great idea about the hangers! I'm going to try that.
I think a year is a long time though. I think if I haven't worn something within 3 months (and it isn't summer clothing in the winter of course) I'll get rid of it. My wardrobe is very small, so I have to swap winter/summer clothes around, putting the clothes in the attic when it's the wrong season.