Monday, October 7, 2013

Holiday Grand Plan Weeks 4 and 5

A couple of busy weeks and MORE Internet problems (with another technician visit) and computer time went out the window.  Here is a quick update on the past two weeks.

Week four I worked in the bedroom.  I had done a bit of cleaning in there recently so it was not too bad.  The worst job was cleaning out the huge desk so we could replace it with a smaller one.  I had to do a pile of decluttering.  We now have some extra space in the bedroom which is nice.  Week five was easier as I cleaned our tiny bathroom.  This was another room I had worked on earlier in the summer so the decluttering was done. 

I am switching things around this week and will be cleaning some in the kitchen.  This will actually be part one of the kitchen clean up.  I have scheduled two weeks for the kitchen as I have a long list.  I want to reline all of the cabinets, do some organizing, and declutter. 

For holiday prep I have addressed more Christmas cards.  I have four pages left in the animal ABC books.  I am ready to finish those so I can move on to some other handmade gifts. 

I will soon be in full swing packing Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  I still have a few items to finish making.  On my list are 12 wash cloths, 8 sewing kits, 10 fishing kits, and 10 weaving loop headbands.  I also need to pick up some more toothbrushes this week.  I will be packing the first set of boxes this week. 

Another busy week, but I am working to make things easier when the really busy holiday time arrives.


Lorita said...

You are doing quite well with your Holiday Grand Plan work. I get the emails but can't seem to get started, and since I started working on scanning old photos and everything else connected with that, I haven't gotten any more decluttering or cleaning done. Your house will soon be in great shape and everything will be ready for the Holidays.

terricheney said...

Busy busy lady! You get so much accomplished and certainly do prove that stay at home wives work as hard as anyone else!