Monday, October 28, 2013

Holiday Grand Plan - Week 8 Review

This past week I worked in the kitchen.  I had already worked a few days in the past couple of months doing some organizing.  During this session I relined a section of kitchen cabinets.  I cleaned out the refrigerator/freezer.  The freezer portion is much better organized now.  I also reorganized the final section of kitchen cabinets.  All of the others were done at an earlier time.

No freezer cooking was done as the main freezers are still very full.  I did very minimal grocery shopping.  I ordered two Christmas gifts and also decided to skip making the crayon rolls.  I am not sure I will really have time and they are not a must make gift.  I found myself putting it off and dreading it.  I knew at that point it was time to mark them off my list. 

This coming week I will be focusing on the pantry.  It is a mess and needs some serious organizing.  I want to go over the upcoming holiday events and plan what foods I will be preparing so I can keep an eye out for grocery sales.  In the gift area I will work on the personalized cups and wrap the gifts I will be mailing.

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