Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Decorating

My Halloween decorations have not been put out yet.  First I was waiting to see if tropical storm Karen was going to hit my area.  Then when I went to the storage building this past week, I opened the door to find a huge wasp nest.  I decided it was best to wait until W could spray it before I go stirring around in there too much.  I did have a couple of items stored inside which I put out.  First is the snake wreath from last year.  It held up much better after I wired on the snakes and then spray painted it black.  The snakes blend in with the grapevine wreath which makes it look like a huge pile of snakes.

While browsing on Pinterest a while back, I sold a BOO hanger for sale on Etsy.  It was cute but definitely out of my price range to purchase ($35-$55).  It was easy enough to recreate though.  I ordered the wood letters, painted them orange and tied the letters together with black yarn.  The original version had a bow at the top.  A bow did not work in the area on the porch I planned to hang it so I left it off.  I think I had $7 in the materials.


Lorita said...

I like the BOO hanging and the way it is put together. Very simple but really cute.

Helena said...

Really cute Boo and I like the snake wreath too. It's not too fussy and decorative, just nice and simple. I love the colour on the door!
We are expecting hurricane winds Sunday/Monday - a bit freaked out about it and not sure how to secure things in the garden