Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Baking Day

I mentioned yesterday that I made oatmeal cookie dough to freeze.  I did bake a dozen of the cookies but the rest of the dough was measured in cookie size balls and frozen in a baking pan.  Once frozen it can easily be put into a container and the necessary amount of dough removed and baked at a later time.  I actually did a double batch of the dough as it took no more time to mix. 

While I had the oven on for baking the dozen cookies I also baked hamburger buns and two loaves of bread.  The bread is a bit odd shaped as my bread machine messed up and went through the initial mixing twice.  It still tasted fine just rose up a bit more than normal.


Rhonda said...

Looks delicious! I expect the bread maybe be lighter than usual too

terricheney said...

I made oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate chip and sugar cookies and put most of the doughs in the freezer. I baked off perhaps 3 dozen of them for our consumption this week. Thankfully John seems to be satisfied with fewer of the homemade cookies so they last a bit longer than store bought.