Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 6

It is hard to believe that last week was one-third of the way through the Holiday Grand Plan.  It seems like I just started.  Technically last week was the children's rooms, but I have no children so I decided to change things up.  I did some cleaning in a few areas of the kitchen.  It was mostly organizing.  In the craft room I made an attempt to dig out the countertop. 

Freezer room is a bit limited since one of our big freezers died.  I did make oatmeal cookie dough to freeze (more on that later in the week). 

I have all of the animals cut out and put together.  The plan is to (finally) finish the animal ABC books.  I am ready to start working on a new project.  I think the next project will be a couple of crayon rolls using this tutorial

Much of my week was focused on Operation Christmas Child.  I did finish all of the crocheted wash cloths. I put together the fishing kits and sewing kits.  W and I started packing boxes.  Unfortunately two rooms are a bit taken over by the shoebox stuff.  I expect it will take another two weeks to get everything done and out of the house.  It will all be worth it when the boxes are turned in and on the way to blessing some children around the world.

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terricheney said...

I knew you'd had freezer trouble, but I thought it was a fixable thing. Sorry to hear it wasn't. I'm not sure how we'd shift things about if my little freezer quit now. It would take some doing!