Friday, October 25, 2013

Furry (and Finned) Friday

Last week we had a rainy day, and the animals were in a lazy mood.

Paris' favorite new sleeping spot is the laundry basket.
Leo prefers to curl up on the couch.
While out shopping last week, W picked out a new, larger aquarium.  We moved the plants and fish over, and he added in new gravel and a log.  The filter is so much quieter than the old one.  We hardly can tell it is even running.

We wanted to get some more fish to add in.  The owner of our local pet store suggested we wait six weeks to give the tank time to "settle".  It is nice to have a store owner who is interested in what is best rather than making a sale.  Of course, we will return to the store to purchase fish in December.

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terricheney said...

Everyone looks so cozy...even the fish, lol.