Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week 7 and More Baking

Last week was not a good one for cleaning.  Between being out of town and then under the weather I did not get much accomplished.  The craft room is clean again though, and I can actually see both tabletops.  The animal ABC books are done and all of the Christmas cards are addressed.  I did a check of the gift list and feel okay at this point. 

This recipe for pita bread was on my to try list for last month.  I did not make it last month, but I had some free time over the weekend and decided to give it a try.  The first two pieces did not puff properly.  The other six did great though.

My wire rack has a plastic coating so I needed something different to bake them on.  I did have a pizza pan with holes which seemed a suitable substitute.

I mixed the dough in my bread machine and then rolled it out.  After a rest of about 30 minutes I baked it in the oven.  Overall I found it to be a quick bread recipe and one I will definitely make again.  I love pita bread but store bought leaves much to be desired.  It is nice to know that I can make it myself!


terricheney said...

what recipe did you use? I'd love to try to make my own pita.

terricheney said...

never mind...silly me failed to see the link.