Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pineapple Plants

I mentioned dividing some pineapple plants.  Once a pineapple plant puts on a pineapple, it then forms pups (tiny pineapple plants) which need to be removed.  These form entirely new pineapple plants.  I also have had plants that die back a bit but sprout out two plants from the original root.  As a result of all that I have ended up with this:

This picture does not even include all of the plants I have.  I never intended to start my own pineapple farm.  We have 29(!) plants in all.  W wanted to keep just 6.  I talked him up to at least 10 - maybe 12.  That means I have to find homes for 17 pineapple plants.  I am going to try to sell them at a neighborhood yard sale later this month.  I would love to keep them but simply have no room.  It is going to get cold in a few months, and W is not interested in building a second greenhouse just for pineapple plants.  They are nice to have and nothing beats a homegrown pineapple!

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Helena said...

It is a great way to make a bit of money selling them on. I have so many succulents, unfortunately you can't eat them...