Wednesday, January 8, 2014

BRRRRRR!!!!! Plus Grocery Spending

It has been super cold here in the deep south this week.  We are not accustomed to Arctic cold so it meant some extra prep work for the yard, animals, and plants.  I picked lots of lettuce and have nearly 3 gallon bags in the refrigerator so we will be eating lots of salad this week.  Fortunately the plants in the greenhouse are okay thanks to the new heater.

Last week's menu plan went out the window when W got sick.  He ate very little - mostly soup and plenty of liquids.  I ate homemade frozen dinners, salads, and whatever we had on hand in the fridge.  As a result practically my entire menu from last week is still available.  Rather than plan new meals we will eat that with salads added to most meals.

I did some grocery shopping earlier in the week.  I spent $10 at Amazon for microwave popcorn for W's lunch.  I spent $16 at the grocery store on:
Boston Butt (markdown)
Boneless Pork Chops (markdown)
Thin Steak (markdown)
Frozen Fries
Heavy Whipping Cream

That leaves me $24.  I have no intention of going back to the grocery store this week so that money will go into my grocery stock up fund.

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