Thursday, January 30, 2014

Grocery Spending & Last Week's Meals

Thursday at lunch we had taco pasta with garlic bread.  Supper was leftovers.  There was an assortment in the refrigerator - beef stew, enchiladas, and some of the taco pasta. 

Friday's lunch was a homemade pizza.  I had a few small tomatoes from the greenhouse and some dehydrated ones.  We love pineapple on our pizzas.  I also added some onion and peppers.  Supper was sloppy joes and some chips.  I saved half of the ground venison when I made taco pasta and this is what we used for the sloppy joes.  It was served on homemade buns.

Saturday was barbecue sandwiches and baked fries.

Sunday we used the leftover barbecue to top baked potatoes.

Monday was leftovers again.  I am fortunate that W does not mind leftovers.  Often this includes homemade frozen dinners.

Tuesday we had a thrown together meal that turned out to be delicious.  I had some meatballs in the freezer that I needed to use.  I put those in a small casserole dish and covered them with barbecue sauce.  Those were baked until heated through.  I served it with mashed potatoes and butterbeans.  The meatballs were tasty this way, and it is something I will serve again.

Yesterday I cooked lima beans with a ham bone I had frozen and served with brown rice.  This is one of W's favorite meals.  It was a nice cold weather meal.

Now for the spending - I did all of my shopping on Monday due to the winter storm that was due to arrive on Wednesday.  I combined a portion of last week's budget with this week's budget giving me $60 to spend.  I had a few non-essentials that were more comforts.  I spent $40 and here is what I got:

cereal - 3
crackers - 2
tuna - 2
orange juice - 2
half & half
cheese - 4

I received a surprise coupon for $3 off my next shopping order for purchasing the cheese.  That will help next week's budget. 

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