Sunday, January 5, 2014

Frugal Doings

I always enjoy reading the little things others do to save money and thought I would start sharing mine on Sundays.

I have eaten homemade frozen dinners (basically single servings of leftovers) while W has been under the weather.  This helped clean out the refrigerator freezer a bit and saved me from buying expensive and not so healthy frozen dinners. 

I picked lettuce in the garden before the frost got to it.  I got two gallon bags and gave one to my parents.  I still have lettuce in a raised bed which I covered with plastic in hopes of getting it to last longer.  After my mom picked a bit more, I picked what was good but not great to put in the refrigerator for the rabbits over the next few days.

On the rainy days this past week I hung clothes on drying racks inside and on the sunny days the clothes went on the line.  Only one load went into the dryer and that was for less than 10 minutes.

I like to keep two sets of sheets for the bed but last week when I changed sheets, I noticed the fitted sheet was torn and unrepairable.  I saved it and the flat sheet to use for covering up stuff outside.  The pillowcases were still in good shape so those were kept as bed linens.  I used Amazon cards earned through Swagbucks to purchase a new set of sheets for just 75 cents out of pocket.

Entertainment was reading free books on my Kindle and watching shows on Netflix.  I also was able to catch up on the previous season of The Amazing Race for free on 

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