Monday, January 20, 2014

Operation Christmas Child Find

First off I am so excited that my church will be doing a packing party in November.  I have a goal amount in mind and am on a mission to fill the boxes with nice stuff on a budget.  This past week I found toothbrushes and combs from  Both were nice for the money. 


While at Dollar General to purchase a new broom, I strolled through the Christmas clearance section.  I found Christmas socks at 70% off.  I purchased all that I could find.



I ended up with 18 pair for less than $6.  These will be perfect for the girl boxes.  It is always fun to find a nice item at a great deal.


I put together a few bead kits (length of cord and pony beads) to include in the boxes.  I am crocheting wash cloths still and have 30 completed.  Finally I cut cord to use for “colors of faith” bracelets. 

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Susan in SC said...

Wow! You are off to a good start! How many boxes do you have in mind for this coming year?