Thursday, January 23, 2014

Grocery Spending & Weekly Menu Change

I only spent $6 at the grocery store yesterday, and that was for two gallons of milk.  I will pick up a few more things on Monday (juice and cheese).  I put $14 in the grocery saved envelope and kept $20 for Monday's shopping. 

I am working on a housekeeping schedule - more on that next week - but part of it is doing a better job of planning meals.  I have been better about writing out a weekly menu but not so great at actually sticking to it.  Now after lunch I am planning the next day's meals, and I am taking what I need from the freezer.  It has seriously cut down on the last minute panic about what to cook. 

It means for now, while I am doing limited grocery shopping, it is hard to share a menu in advance.  Instead I will start sharing what we ate from the previous week.  I have no weekly menu today but will begin back next week. 

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