Saturday, January 18, 2014

Grocery Spending & Menu

I am a bit late with this post although I did do my shopping on schedule.  First up my spending for the week.

cereal - 2
black olives
ground turkey
half & half
orange juice

With sales and coupons I spent about $25 which gave me $15 to put up for future purchases.  The fruit should last us two weeks. 

Even though we have been eating from the pantry for a little over two weeks, I have barely made a dent.  I actually keep finding things I had forgotten about.  I can see that I will be continuing this past January.

Our meals for this week are/were (since we have eaten a few already):
Brunswick stew
Ham, garlic pasta, butterbeans, sliced tomato, and deviled eggs
Tomato Parmesan soup
Beef and bean burritos
Ham, grits, and eggs
Spaghetti pie, bread sticks, salad

I made W cookies for his lunch this weekend as I found several cookie mixes in the pantry.  He also took Cheez-its from the pantry and almonds among other things.

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