Thursday, January 2, 2014

Grocery Spending and Meal Plan

I had $50 for groceries this week.  Since I wanted to save some for stocking up later, I put $10 aside and headed out with $40.  We did not particularly need much so part of this week's purchases were for stocking up.  Here is a picture of my purchases with a breakdown below.

Save-a-Lot - $5.56
2 avocados
2 1/2 pounds bananas
2 lemons
Harvey's - $27.92
instant grits
maple syrup (this week's splurge)
orange juice
2 gallons milk
half & half
2 blocks cheese
That leaves me with $6.52.  I plan to get a 15 pound bag of potatoes and 4 pounds of carrots with the money.  The store was out of stock today.  I will be using part of those in meals and dehydrating the rest for later. 
Meals for the week are as follows:
Tomato soup
Brunswick stew and grilled cheese
Cubed steak, parmesan pasta, green beans, deviled eggs
Barbecue sandwiches with potato wedges
Spaghetti pie, breadsticks, and salad
Waffles or pancakes and sausage

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