Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Frugal Garden Sink

Fruit and vegetables in the stores are always nice and clean.  They do not come that way from the backyard garden however.  I like to rinse off vegetables – especially cucumbers, squash, and zucchini – before storing them in the refrigerator.  Dragging them into the house first means a dirty kitchen sink.  Going to the water spigot means stooping down.  None of these are horrible options, but I stumbled across a better one.


W and my dad have been cleaning up around some storage areas.  They placed an old kitchen sink to the side to be thrown away.  I asked W if he could set it up near the garden as a washing station.  He used some scrap lumber and made a simple stand to hold it up.



What you cannot see if the piece of PVC pipe coming off that back of the right side that directs the water out to the garden.  I love that the washing water is not wasted.  The left side will get a piece of screen in the bottom to allow the vegetables to drip dry.  The sink is close to a water spigot so a hose can easily be pulled over to add water to the sink.  The only cost was a few minutes of W’s time. 


Tammy said...

I have an old cast iron sink leftover from renovations at my dad's house after he passed away. My DH built a potting bench, but we put the sink in it and set it next to the water hydrant. It's very handy in the garden - you'll love yours!

Anne in the kitchen said...

What a fantastic idea. Now I have to begin the hunt for a free or nearly free sink!