Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Steamed Eggs

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I steam eggs for hard-boiled (I guess actually hard-cooked) eggs.  Fresh chicken eggs that are hard-boiled do not peel well.  You end up with a huge mess that does not resemble an egg at all.  It is okay if you are making egg salad, but for deviled eggs it is a definite NO.  I had seen several blogs online that mentioned steaming fresh chicken eggs which could then magically be peeled like the eggs from a grocery store.  When I went to the Peaches to Beaches yard sale in March, a rice cooker was on my wish list.  I found one by Oster for $5 and have already gotten my money’s worth many times.



I put around a dozen (11 in this case) in the egg tray, fill the reservoir with water, and set the timer for 30 minutes.  I found that I needed to vary the time a bit depending on the size of eggs, and I always try to put eggs of similar size in together.



A helpful tip is to crack the eggs when you remove them from the rice cooker.  I simply drop them into a metal bowl so that the shells crack in at least one area.  I then fill the bowl with cold tap water.  I leave them just until they are cool enough to handle.




A culinary miracle – beautifully peeled (very) fresh hard-cooked eggs.  I do occasionally use the rice cooker to cook rice, but for the most part it is steaming eggs.  We are eating more hard-cooked eggs since I purchased the rice cooker.  Considering how many eggs our girls bless us with a week this is great for my refrigerator space and grocery budget.

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Tammy said...

This is brilliant! I got some eggs at the farmer's market on Sunday morning and I think I'll try this with some of them. Thanks!